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Here are some Thai words and phrases contributed by Takhli vets and other visitors to the website.

- alloy tasty
- farang foreigner (white)
- kherg damm black man
- krung thep Bangkok
- loh nice looking (male)
- chai heart
- mia wife (married)
- mah horse
- maah dog
- moo pig
- plah fish
- booh crab
- bin to fly

- krueng bin aircraft
- sanahm bin airport
- krueng lonn glider
- lonn to glide
- khaow rice
- khaow hill
- khaow white
- damm black
- deng red
- toraspp telephone
- wan ni today
- prung ni tommorow
- pi year
I am farang too, visiting Thailand once a year.
9 October 99

Email me your own and I'll post them here on the Takhli Vets Thai page. Click to visit.

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Dick Williams
Takhli RTAFB Det 12, 10th Weather Squadron May 69-May 70.
email:  rjw@sky.net

21 Oct 99