Takhli Royal Thai Air Force Base

I was a Weather Officer at Takhli from May 1969 to May 1970 and briefed the F-105 and EB-66 crews of the 355th TFW prior to their Barrel Roll and Steel Tiger missions over Northern and Southern Laos as well as occasional strikes over North Viet Nam.

Many units have operated from Takhli RTAFB and tens of thousands of USAF personnel have known it as home in the past 40 years. The base has played a very important role in the United States presence in Southeast Asia. All Takhli vets as well as everyone who served in Southeast Asia should take pride in their service.

The TLC Brotherhood is an organization for all vets who served in Thailand and the TLCB along with this website exists to provide a repository for phots and recollections from that era as well as support for vets.

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Flight Line view Takhli RTAFB 1965
Thud Row -Takhli RTAFB Flight Line1965. Photo courtesy Jimmy Butler
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"A Certain Brotherhhood" Col. Jimmy Butler's novel about flying the Ho Chi Minh Trail and one of the inspirations for formation of the TLC-Brotherhood

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Sawadee - Chok Dee

Dick Williams - Kansas City MO 
Takhli RTAFB Det 12, 10th Weather Squadron
May 69-May 70 
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