A Certain Brotherhood
Jimmie H. Butler - Col. USAF (Ret)
A Certain Brotherhood - Jimmie Butler

The cover of Jimmie Butler's book A Certain Brotherhood , shown on the poster above, depicts a Forward Air Controller, flying a Cessna 0-1 Birddog,  through heavy AAA  in the Mu Gia pass along the Ho Chi Minh trail.  The book gives a true-to-life account of the dangers, challenges and successes  experienced by the FACs as they directed air strikes against equipment and supplies being transported along the Trail. 

For a larger full resolution (179K) version of the poster click here.  The poster is copyright 1998 by Jimmie Butler and S. W. Ferguson. 

Read the full story of  A Certain Brotherhood, the book and the poster, along with information on obtaining these and  Jimmie Butler's other publications  by visitng the ACB Page.

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17 oct 98