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Emergency Landing - due to battery failure from extreme heat. Note the smoking battery on the concrete and scorches on fuselage behind the empty battery compartment. Not an uncommon occurrence.

F-111 Aardvark 

The Thud's J-75 engine.  Hot - dirty flight line work

J-75 engine swap  - four hands wrestle the 26,500 pound thrust turbojet into position

After returning from an F-105 mission flown on his birthday, Col. Charles T. Watkins, Chief of Maintenance for the 355th TFW, displays an American flag he took with him, with the  help of the flag's owner, TSgt. Wayne E. Easter. Easter obtained the flag from his Congressman, who had it flown over the nation's capitol. 

(US Air Force photo by A1C Steve Wilson published in  the Takhli Times Feb 21st, 1970)
[contact: Wayne Easter] 

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Photos by Sgt Steve Wilson while assigned to Det 2,601st Photo Squadron
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