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Page Two - Takhli RTAFB - Takhli Aircraft  1969 - 1970

F-105 in flight
F-105  from 354th TFS  355th TFW  - A One Man Air Force

Thuds on Tanker
Thuds Jumping -- F-105s refueling by KC-135 above the overcast

Thuds in formation
Banking Left

looking back at you
Close Formation - returning from target - photo by Stewart Hurd

EB-66 on guard
EB-66 from the 41st TEWS (Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron) 

RH 440 on tanker
41st TEWS EB-66 on tanker - close up - probe and drogue refueling

EB-66 on Tanker
EB-66 joining up for refueling

Takhli Rescue Bird - HH-43 chopper
Takhli Pedro -- HH-43 rescue chopper 
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