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The Bald Eagle - Colonel Heath Bottomly - Wing Commander 355th TFW - Takhli RTAFB June 1969-June 1970. 
Change of Command Ceremony -  Col. Anderson the new 355th Wing Commander is on the left and departing Col. Heath  Bottomly is on the right.   June 1970. 
Wild Weasel ready for war - F-105G of the 355th TFW - taking off for a Wild Weasel mission over Laos. Takhli RTAFB 1969.  Full flaps, afterburner lit and headed for action. 
The EB-66 Destroyer - The 355th's workhorse ELINT aircraft. Buttoned down against monsoon rains in this shot. This is aircraft 573 of the 41st TEWS - Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron. This aircraft is "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang". 
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