Memory Joggers From William Davidson


These are some great early shots from William's days with the deployment of the 562d TFS from McConnell AFB, KS in 1965.  Bill was a pneudraulic specialist during that tour of duty.

  Hootches behind the Officer's Club, in the early days

Let's put the bunkers in the weeds and swamp where it will be comfortable for all the snakes and critters


Looking back down the road the other way to Bldg 1 (or 600).  Note that the road isn't blacktopped yet

Hooch row, latrines in the middle for every 6-8 hootches and another row of hootches on the right side of them


Another row of hootches, mine was one of these or similar.  Looks like this latrine has developed a leak.  It always amazed me how cold the shower water could be in such a hot climate

Building more hootches near the NCO Club, fairly simple construction.  The corrugated metal roofs were functional, but they sure soaked up the heat


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