Memory Joggers From Darryl Petersen


Darryl worked with our "deliverables" - bombs.  A munitions handler who spent his tour in the bomb storage area, Darryl was at Takhli from Jan '66 to Jan '67.

  This is the Vientai Hotel in Bangkok.  Darryl (on left)  started his tour at the same place I did.  I stayed here my first night in Thailand, waiting for the C-130 to take me upcountry.

Darryl soon found when he arrived at Takhli (his photo of the market here) that it was a pretty small rural community.


Darryl soon got into his work.  Not a good place to hear someone say "Oops"!  There were big bombs (3000 pounders).

And not so big bombs (750s here).  But either size delivered by the 355th could wreak havoc.


Darryl's hootch, or more properly, Darryl and a whole bunch of other guy's hootch, sometimes they were crowded, sometimes almost empty, depending on rotations.

Some of the earliest hootches on Takhli.  These were behind Bldg 1 (600) and to the side of Bldg 2, the green building seen on the right here.  It would become the NCO & Airman's Club.


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