Memory Joggers From Clarence Dick


Clarence worked in the Electronic Countermeasures Pod shop - Dec '66 to Dec '67.  I wish he would reveal his secret  for keeping slides.  The slides were taken in late '67, but the color looks like they were taken yesterday.  Another major contrib which will cover several pages. 

  The Takhli Base Chapel in the "New Circle" area.

The ECM Pod Shop - Taken Jan '68.


F-105 Parking ramp, note the one with the tail removed, looks like half a plane.

Housegirls doing laundry at Hootch 1141.  Typical salary for housegirls/boys in '67 was $ 30 per month which still provided a good wage.  For that, they kept the floor of the hootch clean, shined boots, did laundry, and dusted the hootch screens with a broom.


Bldg 2 circle, same as in my photo page with the Merry Christmas banner.  Chief Kelley and I lived upstairs behind the right hand palm tree for a few weeks.  Airman's club on right wing downstairs, NCO in left wing.  Thai BX behind this Bldg and across a road.

The bunkers behind the base theater.  Again, I would have taken my chances with the enemy rather than hide in these.  Building 2 in the left background.

More Memory Joggers From Clarence Dick

Even More Memory Joggers From Clarence Dick

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