More Memory Joggers From Art McAninch


Let's go on a refueling mission with Art and his fellow B-66s.  Unlike some of the other Royal Thai Air Force bases, Takhli had its own tanker force.  They filled up not only our own planes, but those from other bases as well.  And they, in turn, were fed by a constant stream of yellow Shell fuel trucks from Bangkok and the port at Sattahip.  Air refueling was a hazardous procedure when things were perfect.  In Southeast Asia with its everyday supply of towering cumulus clouds building and making speed bumps, it was even more so.  Here we go....

  First our flight has to rendezvous with the tanker.  This is as clear a day as I think I ever saw in Thailand.  I suspect we are just above it all.

Now it is our turn, let's move into position.  We have plenty of time...... there's only a few dozen other guys orbiting and waiting, no pressure here....


All we have to do now is get our fuel probe and the tanker drogue together at 220 plus knots or so.  Let's hope we don't hit an air pocket.

AH!  That will do it.  Fill 'er up!  We have a lot of flying to do yet today.


Hey boomer!!  That's IN the plane, not ON the plane.  I'm gonna have to wash the whole thing down when I get back to base now.  At least you got the bugs off the windshield.....

Now it's working.  Thanks for the gas.  You are going to be here waiting when we come back across the Mekong aren't you?  (In reality, that one will be even more hairy, we may have shot up planes and pilots up here gasping on fumes - all trying this "dance" together - through maybe even worse weather.)


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