Memory Joggers From Art McAninch


Art was a B-66 driver with the 42nd TEWS at Takhli - Jul '67 - Jul '68.  Many of the pages have dealt with F-105's.  We will take a different vector here and honor those who flew in the 66's.  The electronic suppression and cloaking missions they flew enabled many of the bombing missions to be successful and the crews to return safely.  They did this basically unarmed.  I unfortunately witnessed the crash of one, and was working night shift when another crashed during my tour, both resulting in the loss of many crewmembers.  Here's to them - and those who flew with them. 

  Art at work on a mission.  As you can see, the B-66 cockpit was rather cramped.

The EB-66 Destroyer in a 2-ship formation.


An intelligence photo Art had saved.  These anti-aircraft sites could ruin a crew's whole day.  While we are honoring memories, let's say another hoorah for the photo recon guys that took such photos, again flying unarmed into harm's way.

Art was no stranger to danger either, besides the AAA sites, there were local hazards.  Have you noticed a lot of snakes on these pages?  These were not the ones that would really hurt you.  It was the ones you didn't see, the cobras and kraits, that would do you in.  These pythons were just a nuisance.


Art captured a "100 Mission Pass" over the base by four B-66s at the end of one crewmember's required missions.  This was an unusual formation for the 66s.

Art also captured a flight of F-105s on their downwind leg over the base.  The empty wings indicate they are returning from a mission.  Four ship formations were the norm for F-105s.

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