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August 20, 1998

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366patch -  Here is a pic from about 1972 when the 366th diverted from Danang. I bought the patch at the market on base by the theater.

charcoal - Pappasan who lived behind the first bar on the right as you entered Tahkli (from the base).  It was called the F-4 Phantom.  He burned wood to make charcoal, which he sold.

monk - Buddhist monk that lived on a little monestary (Wat) about 2 miles on the far side of Tahkli.  We rode bicycles out there one day and he mixed up some pink powder in water so we could safely drink it.  I was the only one of 4 guys who braved the water.

templebell - at the same Wat on the far side of Tahkli.   The GI is Sgt. Ed Lonney.  The bell that is hanging was made from a bomb casing according to the old monk.  As you can see, it is very hot and dry and we were a couple of hundred feet up the mountain.

bungalow - taken from the porch of a friends bungalow.  It is not a very good picture, but it seemed like a typical view, so I shot it. Circa 1973

bert_at_wat - taken on the same mountain with the Wat on it.  That is me when I weighed about 160 lbs!  It was sweltering hot and the Monks were amazed to see us.  While riding out there, locals would stop everything and stare.

cemetery -  Here is a rare site! When exiting the Tahkli RTAFB (American side), take a right and go down a short distance.  You will pass a canal on the left and there is a road that goes behind a mountain.  Here is where we found this cemetary.  We located a small store. The locals were amazed when we rode up, saying they had never seen Americans back there.  We bought a Fanta orange in a plastic bag for 50 satang (100 satang made up one baht!).  It was the only time I saw the satang used in 21 months.

vendor -  one of the vendors that wander around selling various things to eat.  I bought 2 cakes from this lady.  I got one and in short order the red ants (moht dang)got the other one and my tongue! The little rascals got on that thing really fast and I put the cake in my mouth while reading a book.

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