Comments from John Evans on flying  EB-66 and F-105 combat missions out of Takhli RTAFB

 Our unit had a good working relationship with the flying squadrons especially the 44th TEWS [Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron]  and LTC Dick Moriarity.  What would happen is that the frag  (operating orders for the day) would come down from Wing HQ.  Det 2 601st Photo would get 2-4 rides a week fragged.

Sometimes we got extra rides because the frag always called for spares, in case  something was wrong with the primary aircraft, sometimes the spare would be an F-105  F or G model.  No EWO would be assigned to standby. If something happened to the primary D model they took the spare and the photo guys would get a 15 min warning to be at the PE shop to get ready to fly. Half of my F-105 missions came this way.

 The EB-66C had a spare seat for the gunner right behind the pilot, as you know.  These rides operated the same way. I was at Takhli for 20 months, so the time added up. We also flew the Tankers in late 1969 when they came to Takhli for a few weeks I believe I got 3-4 missions in these too.   I had about 70 missions in the OV-10A during  my tour at Ubon and I ended up with 107 total missions in 2 and one half years and five air-medals.

John Evans

FYI - here are the tailcodes of the Takhli assigned aircraft I photographed and flew

Takhli RTAFB Aircraft and Tailcodes 
355th TFW 1969-1970 era

F-105D=single seat
F-105G=double seat
EB-66C=has pods on outer wingtips
EB-66E=no pods

Tailcodes -EB-66 

RC= 41st TEWS
RH= 42nd TEWS

Tailcodes F-105

RE=  44th TFS
RK= 333rd TFS
RM= 354th TFS
RU= 357th TFS