The Takhli Times Newspaper Collection


On this page, I will attempt to rotate stories from those Takhli Times newspapers which I have.  These are mostly from the 1967 to 1968 time frame.  I am missing some, if anyone has other copies to contribute, please let me know.

Excerpts From the Apr 21, 1968 Edition

 With this week's issue, my own tour at Takhli comes to an end.  A few days after this issue I return to the land of the big BX and other problems.  The war will continue for many years, but I will never forget my days at Takhli, no whole year in the rest of my life compared with this experience (so far), and many others of our group have expressed the same feeling.  I know, for me and probably many other young soldiers of all wars, this affected the rest of my life as well.  Much like an Olympic athlete who wins the gold when 20 years old, everything following seems smaller - not boring by far, but certainly not on this sustained level of intensity.  

This will not be the end of the newspaper series, I have some from other years and also will go back and start at the beginning of my tour, in early '67, so stay tuned for other episodes. 

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Another of Col Giraudo, one of the finest officers I have been privileged to know.  And Col Oliver Lewis, 355th CSG Commander getting a symbolic dousing with water for the Songkran holiday.

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And on a sadder note, SSgt Joseph Vultaggio getting the Airman's Medal for his efforts trying to rescue the crew from the B-66 crash I witnessed 17 Nov 67.


This page will change roughly weekly, with the paper closest to the current week of the year.  Please check back, stories will be rotated to include all types of items from the daily happenings at Takhli.



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