The Takhli "Strip" In 1967

To Takhli City & Bangkok
(Roughly East Then South)

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                                                                                             Road Curve

                                                                                             Road To Town
                                                        Starlight (2)


                                                            Stores             (2)
                                                                                                   Blue Sky

                                                                                                  Diamond     Viking


                  Villa Tropicana Bar & Restaurant

                                                                                                            (Pan Photo)

                                                         Frontier (2)
                                                            Police Hut                     Lotus
                                                        Takhli Hut

                                         Charn's Steakhouse
                                          (2)                                                        Thai Airman's Boxing Stadium
              Winnie's Compound
              (2)  (3)                                                                        Takhli Villa


To Takhli RTAFB & Chainat

     As mentioned on the Lizard Tales Page, we worked hard, but we also partied hard.  These establishments made up the local off-base recreation available to the entire base - this area was no longer than a half mile.  To call it the "night-life" area would be incorrect, since the bulk of base personnel were on shift work - but it was busier at night since only a few local bands played during the daylight hours.  Suzi's, the Starlight and the Takhli Villa were the only places having a band routinely in the evening.  Jukeboxes filled in during the day at those and at the others full time.  The Takhli Hut opened, for a short period, a roller skating rink.  Most of the places on the map above changed names frequently, but these are shown as they were in late 1967 and early 1968.  The Welcome evolved into the Grand.  A bar called the  American (2) (3) (4) and another branch of the Charn's restaurants and a bar called the Blue Danube ('66) were farther away from the base and almost in town.

     In Takhli village itself there were two theaters, the Roongnapha and the Raja.  I learned there that John Wayne, among many others could speak Thai.  But when he did, his voice changed from a deep bass to almost a tenor, strange.  Major Thai stars were Mitr Chaibunchol and Sombat.   They spoke Thai much better.

     The on-base dining, dancing and drinking facilities consisted of the Airman's Club, the NCO Club, the Officer's Club and a Bowling Alley.  Omit dancing facilities, because most of the GIs did not enjoy dancing with each other.  During that period, local people were not allowed to visit the base, although I understand this policy changed in later years.  In 1967 and early 1968, no base TV station existed, nor monitors to watch it on if there had been one.  The remaining entertainment facilities consisted of a base theater where one could watch the bugs fly through the projected picture, a tiny bowling alley, photo hobby shop (where many of our shared photos were created), tiny library, and audio tape hobby shop.  (Linked photos coming soon)

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