Memory Joggers From Roland Heatley


Roland's photos were taken in early 1970, he was assigned to the 355th Field Maintenance Squadron electrical shop.

  Wild Weasel ready for a mission - Tail RK-416

Takhli Base Chapel, by 1970 the trees have grown up on the circle compared to Clarence Dick's photo


These little geckos ate tons of mosquitoes, and gave out a little tsk, tsk chirp.  Found everywhere, they were treated much like pets at times, downside was their droppings turned up everywhere too

Roland himself and the 355th Field Mainenance Squadron's stepvan


A B-66 on an otherwise pretty empty parking ramp.  RH tail, but cannot make out the number

The road and means to town, a one-baht "bus".  For a nickel, these converted pickup trucks would haul you to town, two bench seats facing each other in the back with a roof for rain.  Not quite up to OSHA requirements.  You could tell  who had been there a long time by the way they would step off the little step on the back while the thing was still moving


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