Memory Joggers From Frank Venters


Frank was a firefighter during his tour of duty at Takhli.  He worked in the fire station directly north of the tower where I worked.  He has made a major contribution to our site and many thanks to him.  Particularly interesting is the "native" - the long wiggly kind - that the fire crews found in the fire station.  I always said I would stand on the ramp and take my chances with the enemy, rather than run to our bunker from the tower and sit in the dark with this type of native. 

  The Fire Station and Trucks

Damaged F-105 Repair Area - Tail of one sticking out of building.


Frank Venters trying to relax with the sports news & seems to be doing a good job of it.

One of the local residents.  Firefighters found this one at the station.  A nice sized python, probably endangered now, but then fairly common.  I always found my snakes warming on the blacktop road at night while walking to the tower.


F-105 Headed North - Passing Directly By The Fire Station.

Tower From the Fire Station, looking south.  HH-43 Husky Rescue Chopper Taking Off from its Pad.

More Memory Joggers From Frank Venters

Even More Memory Joggers From Frank Venters

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