Post Closure Photos From Arv Cogdill


Arv was a Load-Toad who deployed on the Commando West Exercise at Takhli in Oct 1984. His contribution is somewhat like seeing the pictures of the Titanic resting on the ocean floor. Sad, but at least they give those who have not had a chance to return to see what is left of our old haunts.

  Arv, F-4 Phantoms From Clark AFB & Thai Airmen

Bldg 1 - The Old Base Headquarters. Note The Added Fountain


The Base Pool Next To Officer's Club - Still In Use

Bldg Ruins - From The Angle Of The Hill I Would Guess Somewhere In The "New" BX Circle


Unknown Bldg - Similar To Old Squadron HQ Bldgs

Cows Wandering In Possibly The Old Supply Compound


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