The amount of interest generated by these links is encouraging. The number of links connected to the Vietnam Conflict grows daily, keeping up with it is becoming difficult. If you are enjoying this site, the ones below may be of interest to you as well. My small description line is not intended to be a review, and there is obviously much more on these sites than I can list in a sentence or two. If you find others you think I should add, find outdated or broken links or want to add your page, please email me at

Takhli RTAFB Related Sites

Dick William's Takhli Site - Dick William's Takhli Royal Thai Air Force Base site, the sister site to this one. A Weather Forecaster, he gets the honored first position - his page and patience was the inspiration for mine. Don't miss his definitive message board if you want to post or read others' posts about Takhli. Great photo pages. Also access to a Takhli chat room. Bookmark it, it changes frequently, as I hope I will be able to do with mine..


Gene Carlson's UnOfficial Page of the 355th Wing - Reunion coordinator, building a database of airframe information.


Mike Dunn's Egroups.  This is the daily list for Takhli vet's news, chat, and comments.  It allows for real-time web messages or can be set for summaries, useful for temporary absences and vacations, or if your email is too much, etc - the archived messages are there when you return to read at your leisure.  To enroll, go to


Memories & Photos of a 1973 TDY to Takhli - Rob Morrone's Recollections & Photos



Other RTAFB Related Sites

Korat RTAFB - Another learner like myself, looking good!

Nakhon Phanom "Naked Fanny" RTAFB - 21st Helicopter Squadron


Other Sites Of Related Interest


Laos - The Secret War Site - Detailed description of operations and rare photos

Air America - The "Other" Air Force

Air Commando Association - Many links, Fall of Site 85 info (I remember that well, happy to see the story of this tragic incident finally documented)

TLC Brotherhood - The Thailand-Laos-Cambodia (TLC) Brotherhood site. Covers the entire war zone outside Vietnam, many links to all Southeast Asia sites

















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