In Memoriam

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These pages will be dedicated to those who served along side of us at Takhli, but who are no longer with us.  Whether they were lost in combat, or to subsequent causes, they were our brethren.  Somewhere at Takhli we most likely sweat along side each other, ate together, partied together, tried to sleep through the daily launch, and did our best to help each other survive in a place strange to all of us.  Since they are no longer able to tell their tales or share their photos of Takhli themselves, it is up to us to carry on for them, so in memory of them.....


Maj James Howerton - From His Son, Jim

  Jim & his trusty steed - Mona B

Another of Jim launching on a mission in Mona B

  SSgt Raymond Daubendiek - From His Friend, Frank Venters


Ray and Frank met at Travis AFB, CA, flew over to Thailand and served their entire year together at Takhli.  Ray kept their short-timers calendar up to date, then they traveled back to the US together.  While at Takhli in Jan 1966, Ray was on Frank's crew when an F-105 crashed.  The low-order 750lb GPB bomb under the left wing detonated, Ray was on the crash truck and Frank on ramp patrol.  Both were spared on this occasion.

 Ironically, however, Ray was involved in a similar incident described above at Korat on May 17, 1972.  This time Ray, Sgt James Lathon, and four other brave Thai firefighters lost their lives.  The difference this time - the ordnance was an AGM-45 missle. Although Ray died at Korat RTAFB, Thailand, he served alongside us at Takhli.  May he and those who died with him rest in peace.
 Major General John C. Giraudo (then Colonel) - From One of His Troops, Bob Vaughn

  My Wing Commander.   A true leader of men,  working with him in the Tactical Operations Center was a great privilege.

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