Takhli Royal Thai Air Force Base
This is the home of the Takhli RTAFB websites maintained by "Bangkok Bob" Vaughn and Dick Williams, both former members of Det 12, 10th Weather Squadron. All Takhli vets, permanent party and TDY, are invited to visit and add to this website.

The vets of Takhli salute all U.S. service men and women on duty in Iraq and throughout the world. Jobs well done and best wishes to all of you.

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F-105 Flyover - Takli RTAFB

Twelve ship formation of F-105s from the 355th TFW over Takhli RTFAB on 12 October 1970 - the date the Wing was deactivated and the colors retired.   Photo coutesy of  Steve Lott - Takhli RTAFB 1968 and 1970


Reunion Notes

For information about national and regional mini reunions for Takhli RTAFB vets and families please join and take part in the Takhli/355th TFW Yahoo Group.

> The first reunion of the 355th TAC Fighter Wing/Takhli groupn was held in Tucson AZ from September 20th to the 23rd, 2001.

Dick Williams
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